Business Process Automation:
• Collaborate with Head of Business Process Automation to develop guiding principles, strategies and plans; conduct comprehensive needs assessments; determine education, training and development priorities based on assessed needs, business impact and available resources.
• Involved in Hardware Sizing and finalizing the hardware along with the vendors.
• User Administration.
• Backup Administration.
• Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.
• Planning and Setting up Disaster Recovery Site. Continuously assess the current business process and seek to implement new system to run the business more effectively & efficiently through SAP/ERP.
• Writes design specifications and functional specification by working with Suppliers.
• Maintains open communication with project team, customers, and when applicable, external vendors.
• Working with maintenance and support team to provide ongoing maintenance of systems.
• Creates and manages system documentation for those systems developed or modified.
• Guiding, supporting and mentoring of system development, customization/configuration and transferring process knowledge to team members.
• Ensure continual improvement of self and development of work process/system.

Networking Solution:
• Why you chose Incotel for your Networking Solution?
• Incotel provides Networking Solutions in two categories. We provide IT outsourcing services to the companies that don’t have an own IT department, and we also work with existing IT departments of a company on a project basis to satisfy current business needs. We are proficient in LAN, switching, routing, telecommunications, IP solution and wide area communications.
• How we do it ?
• To begin any Network Solution process, we first perform a network analysis. This begins with an onsite assessment of current network set up, including routers, switches, wiring, wireless, server room, and current bandwidth. As a second step, we will put together a plan for a better network solution, what steps will be involved, and a cost breakdown. After the plan has been signed off on, our implementation team will begin the steps to put the plan in place. Once implemented, we offer training and support and a constant re-assessment of the network to determine new opportunities for improvement.

• Our Networking services are as follows:
• Network Solution
• Network Administration
• Network Management
• Network Up-gradation
• Network Maintenance (ensure 99% network uptime)
• Network Security (System Assessment)
• Network System Development (Configuration & Customization)