Message From CEO

I am very much pleased to welcome you to Incotel, a dynamic organization with more experience in the field of Information and Communication Technology.

Our business focus is to provide customizable solutions in the areas of Business Process Automation, Networking Solution, Application Software Design and Development, Web & Multimedia Services, Hardware & System Support, ICT Manage Operation, ICT Outsourcing and Telecommunication Services.

Going forward, to become a key player in the industry, Incotel will reinstate a strong business structure that can respond flexibly and speedily to the changes in our client's business environment. We plan to implement the following measures:

• Achieve flexible and speedy business operations by automating the internal and external communication.

• Concentrate resources on business areas where Incotel has competitive edge and differentiating technologies, and strengthen our business by enhancing alliances.

• Accelerate the creation of new business by expanding our consulting and technology services

With closely working with the market we attempt to be innovative not only to stay ahead with the changing market demands but to be prepared mentally to advise the realistic concepts with cutting edge technology and Product differentiation.

We've seen lots of companies struggle with design and implementation of Information Technology into the entire organization, and ICT companies that never delivered on their promises. Our guarantee is supported by an active Quality Assurance and support program that begins with the first contact and continues long past your acceptance of the final work.

Our employees are our greatest assets, and we are committed to providing them with a positive and motivating environment, where they are empowered to be creative and resourceful in their jobs.

We believe that the services we offer are most relevant, viable and cost effective to Small, Medium, Large business houses and SME's and we will focus on delivering to clients excellent ICT support and services according to industry standard.

In the closing, I would emphasize on appreciating our key strength, Our People. With the continuous improvement and learning we will continue to work to achieve our corporate vision by uniting our experience and knowledge.

Mohammad Abdul Hannan

Managing Partner &
Chief Executive Officer