Our focus is on empowering employees to support organization’s strategies and outcomes in a manner that is both sustainable and effective. Incotel helps organizations manage mission-critical projects by sharing its wealth of knowledge to establish best-practice project and program management policies, structures and outcomes within client organizations.

We can work with an organization at many levels including:

• Consultancy services including project governance, training, analysis and project readiness checks.

• Developing and conducting project management training and business skills courses.

• Human resource management and workforce planning – analyzing and forecasting the project.

• Providing expert interviewers to assess and select staff.

• Implementing certification programs for existing staff.

• Coaching and mentoring key project management staff.

• Advice on selection and contracting practices.

The Incotel team works with individuals to project management including:

• Identifying what people want to achieve in project management career and assessing the skills you have and need to be successful.

• Helping people to prepare and achieve project management certification.

•Coaching and mentoring to assist people in applying project management skills confidently and successfully.

• Assisting people to find fulfilling and challenging short term and contract project management roles.

Why chose Incotel for your Project Management Services:

• Incotel has highly experienced project management experts, with a track record of successfully delivering projects for our clients.

• Our training programs and courses are based on best-practice and emerging theory, but also the practical activities that are required to get the project across the line.

• Incotel works with professional associations and standard bodies to create new national and international standards.